Our Mission, Vision and Values

Baynak & Baylogistics offers reliable and just-in-time service to its customers with the qualified and quick service privilege thanks to its professional staff, large fleet of vehicles and a network of powerful agents established all over the Europe.

Baynak & Baylogistics  focuses on customer satisfaction in its works and activities in principal with international delivery, collecting and storage organizations and full door service through its own TIR as complete , groupage, suspended and heavy transportation(low-bed)

Baynak & Baylogistics provides the best land transportation service from Europe (Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia) to Northern African countries and from European countries to Turkey, Middle East and Asia both in exportation and importation and has a wide storage area.

Baynak & Baylogistics ever-growing and developing transportation fleet. Enviromentally friendly vehicles aged 1,5 on average with right of way in European countries and full compliance to Euro 5 standards. You may track your loads online at 7/24 through our vehicles equipped with “ Satellite Tracking System “ for freight offers.

Baynak & Baylogistics You may give new orders over the internal through. On-line and send your requests for freight offers.